The countdown is here

We are one week out and close to hitting the fundraising goal.  Keep the donations coming.

PDF-fund 6-28-13


River Rat

About to drive from Atlanta to Chattanooga, TN for the River Rat Swim…a 4.5 mile race down the Chattanooga River (with the current thankfully)….looking forward to it.

To the pool we go…

Have not been updating the blog as often as I would like lately, but about to head to the pool right now for two 30 min straight swims…knocked out another 2.4 mile swim on Wednesday morning – really enjoying swimming in the lake in the mornings, so peaceful

Another one in the books…

Competed in my first triathlon of the season on Sunday and placed 5th in my age group, but my swim was much slower than I anticipated, must be a product of all my loooooong – sloooooow swim sessions. Have signed up for the “Chattanooga River Rat Swim”, a 4.5 mile swim (with the current) as a tune up for July 6th…Cheetah

2.4 the hard way…

Today is a big mile-stone in my swim training, as I am going to be doing a 2.4 mile open water swim (the equivalent of an Ironman Triathlon swim) this evening in Peachtree Lake….

It looks like the Parkinson’s swim on July 6th will be about 6 miles rather than 5.5 after looking a little closer at the route on Lake Belle Taine. Some interesting facts about the swim:
-> 6 miles = almost 1/3 the distance of an English Channel Swim (19 miles)
-> 6 miles = 10,560 yards or 105 football fields end to end
-> 6 miles = 422.4 lengths of a normal 25 yard lap pool
-> 6 miles = approx 8,500 individual swim strokes
-> 6 Miles = 76,521 Schmidt Beer Cans stacked end to end

On a sad note, I still don’t quite look like Ryan Lochte in my speedo yet, but down to 184 lbs now, so slooooowly getting there …..